“A man of two worlds: West and East, intelligently at ease in both but at peace with neither.”

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Prof. John Voll delivers annual Isma’il Faruqi lecture (0)

- "Isma’il Faruqi is a good case of the modern intellectual who is a believer and provides a good example for thinking about what it means to be a ‘believing intellectual’ in the modern era," said Georgetown University’s history professor John... Read More

Back online (0)

- Ismail Faruqi Online is back online again after being down for two days due to a technical issue with the server. We have contacted our hosting provider and they have resolved the issue. If you have difficulties accessing the site for the past... Read More

New features added (0)

- We have made some changes and added new features to Ismail Faruqi Online in order to enhance reader experience when visiting this website. This includes a Related Articles list in every article page and Bookmark function for readers to add their... Read More

Dr. Isma’il al-Faruqi’s approach to “Islamization of Knowledge” (6)

- Dr. Isma'il al-Faruqi attempted to articulate an Islamic worldview by fortifying it with rational and scientific arguments. In the latter part of his career, he became more and more concerned with the spiritual aspects of Islam. He advocated a... Read More

News item on Faruqi’s murder (0)

- Scouring the World Wide Web, we came across this news article from 1986 archives reporting the murder of Dr. Faruqi and his wife on the day it happened. Truly, it was a sad day when this unfortunate incident happened. May Dr. Faruqi and his wife be... Read More

Ismail Faruqi Award ceremony (0)

- The Ismail Faruqi Award Ceremony was a bi-annual award given to International Islamic University of Malaysia scholars who produced outstanding and exemplary academic work, and was named after Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi. At the time of this writing we... Read More