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The Essence of Islamic Civilization (0)

- There can be no doubt that the essence of Islamic civilization is Islam; or that the essence of Islam is tawhid, the act of affirming Allah to be the One, absolute, transcendent Creator, Lord and Master of all that is. These two fundamental... Read More

On the Nature of Islamic Da’wah (5)

- Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, has commanded the Muslim: "Call men unto the path of your Lord by wisdom and goodly counsel. Present the cause to them through argument yet more sound" (Qur'an 16: 125). Da'wah is the fulfilment of this commandment "to... Read More

Appendix: Dialogue On The Nature of Islamic Da’wah (0)

- Khurshid Ahmad opened the discussion of Dr. al-Faruqi's paper with the following prepared response. Some parts of a background paper he circulated at the consultation have also been incorporated in this final version. Ahmad: First of all I would... Read More

Review of “Islam: A Challenge to Religion” by Ghulam Ahmad Parwez (0)

- Islam: A Challenge to Religion by Ghulam Ahmad Parwez. Idara-e-Tulu-e-Islam: Lahore, pp. 392 Review by Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi The author of this book is famous for his "Abandon of the Hadlth and return to the Qur'an," the central theme of the... Read More

Islam and the Tehran Hostages (0)

- Certainly no Muslim may question the following principles, since they are Qur'anic and the Qur'an is for Muslims the only ultimate authority. These principles are not unique to Islam; rather, they represent some of the highest ethical standards of... Read More

The Nation-State and Social Order in the Perspective of Islam (0)

- I. The Family: First Level of Social Organization Human association has had a long history which three institutions had struggled to dominate. The first is the family, which has blood and heredity for bases. The characteristics it engenders in... Read More