In Honour Of Isma’il Raji’ al-Faruqi (1921 – 1986)

Welcome to Ismail Faruqi Online, your portal to the life and legacy of Dr. Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (1921-1986), a renowned Palestinian-American philosopher celebrated for his insights into Islam and comparative religion. Discover his remarkable journey and contributions. Read more.

New features added

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We have made some changes and added new features to Ismail Faruqi Online in order to enhance reader experience when visiting this website. This includes a Related Articles list in every article page and Bookmark function for readers to add their favourite articles to social bookmarking websites. We hope that you will enjoy these new additional features. If there are any more features that you would like to see added to this website in the future, do let us know in the comments box below.






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