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Review of “Islam and the Problem of Israel” by Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (1)

- "Islam and the Problem of Israel" by Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi Review by Haniffah Abdul Gafoor The issue of Israel is an emotive one, irrespective of individuals’ affiliations (‘neutrals’ included). Bearing in mind the misrepresentation... Read More

Review of “Islam in the Modern National State” by Erwin I. J. Rosenthal (0)

- Islam in the Modern National State by Erwin I. J. Rosenthal. Cambridge: The University Press, 1965. pp. 416. $10.50 Review by Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi The problem of the relationship of Islam to the national state and the confrontation of its Law... Read More

Da’wah in the West: Promise and Trial (1)

- I. The Marvel of the Spread of Islam Nobody who observed the spread of Islam in the non-Muslim World, especially in the West, and still more especially in America, the United Kingdom and Western Europe during the last thirty years, can fail to... Read More

Role of the Family in the Spread of Islam (0)

- The family, is indeed, the best tool for Islamic Da'wah in the West. There is no institution, there is no mechanism that I know of, that can convey Islam as well as the living example of an Islamic family in the West. The Islamic family, if it is... Read More