In Honour Of Isma’il Raji’ al-Faruqi (1921 – 1986)

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  • Review of “Islam: A Challenge to Religion” by Ghulam Ahmad Parwez

    The author of this book is famous for his “Abandon of the Hadlth and return to the Qur’an,” the central theme of the Association for the Reemergence of Islam (Tulu-e-Islam) of the last three decades, of which he is the founder. His call has appealed especially to the learned civil servants of Pakistan, who flocked…

  • Review of “Islam and Other Faiths” by Isma’il Raji Al-Faruqi

    The very first glimpse of “Islam and other Faiths” by the late Isma’il Raji Faruqi filled me with excitement and curiosity. Here was an outstanding Muslim scholar venturing into a field that is at once virgin and full of intellectual promise. I had read only two books by him before: “Tawhid: Its Relevance for Thought…