“A man of two worlds: West and East, intelligently at ease in both but at peace with neither.”

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Towards An Islamic Theory of Meta-Religion (1)

- The relation of Islam to the other religions has been established by God in His revelation, the Qur'an. No Muslim therefore may deny it; since for him the Qur'an is the ultimate religious authority. Muslims regard the Qur'an as God's own word... Read More

Islam and Human Rights (1)

- Over a billion humans in the world today are Muslims. As Muslims, they believe in human rights. But their bill of human rights is not one composed by a committee of scholars or leaders, resolved and promulgated by a government, a parliament, or a... Read More

Why Islam? (4)

- Within Islam it is both legitimate and right to ask the question: "why Islam?" Every tenet in Islam is subject to analysis and contention. No other religion is willing to subject its basic fundamentals of faith to such questioning. For example,... Read More

Islam and Christianity: Diatribe or Dialogue? (1)

- This is not the place to review the history of Christian-Muslim relations. This history may now be read in the erudite works of Norman Daniel.Islam and the West. The Making of an Image (Edinburgh: The University Press, 1960); Islam, Europe and Empire... Read More

Defining Islamic Traditionalism: First Principles in the Islamization of Thought (0)

- The great task facing Muslim intellectuals and leaders is to recast the whole legacy of human knowledge from the standpoint of Islam. The vision of Islam would not be a vision unless it is a vision of something, namely, life, reality, and the world.... Read More

Review of “Islam in the Modern National State” by Erwin I. J. Rosenthal (0)

- Islam in the Modern National State by Erwin I. J. Rosenthal. Cambridge: The University Press, 1965. pp. 416. $10.50 Review by Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi The problem of the relationship of Islam to the national state and the confrontation of its Law... Read More