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Islam and the Problem of Israel: The Emancipation and its Aftermath (0)

- From Chapter 3: "The Emancipation and its Aftermath" in Ismail Raji al Faruqi, "Islam and the Problem of Israel", Islamic Council of Europe (1980) A. Revelation vs. Reason The revelation which came to Muhammad (SAAW) summoned reason to prove... Read More

Towards An Islamic Theory of Meta-Religion (1)

- The relation of Islam to the other religions has been established by God in His revelation, the Qur'an. No Muslim therefore may deny it; since for him the Qur'an is the ultimate religious authority. Muslims regard the Qur'an as God's own word... Read More

Review of “Islam and Other Faiths” by Isma’il Raji Al-Faruqi (2)

- Ataullah Siddiqui (ed.), "Islam and Other Faiths" by Isma'il Raji Al-Faruqi. Leicester: The Islamic Foundation and IIIT, 1999, ISBN: 8603-7276-6 Review by Anne Sofie Roald The very first glimpse of "Islam and Other Faiths" by the late... Read More

Review of “Islam and the Problem of Israel” by Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (1)

- "Islam and the Problem of Israel" by Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi Review by Haniffah Abdul Gafoor The issue of Israel is an emotive one, irrespective of individuals’ affiliations (‘neutrals’ included). Bearing in mind the misrepresentation... Read More