In Honour Of Isma’il Raji’ al-Faruqi (1921 – 1986)

Welcome to Ismail Faruqi Online, your portal to the life and legacy of Dr. Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (1921-1986), a renowned Palestinian-American philosopher celebrated for his insights into Islam and comparative religion. Discover his remarkable journey and contributions. Read more.

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  • The Ismail Faruqi Award Presentation Ceremony

    This bi-annual award to IIU scholars who produce outstanding, excellent and exemplary academic work was established in honour of the memory of al-marhum Professor Ismail Raji al-Faruqi who, during his lifetime, had made profound and invaluable contributions not only to Islamic scholarship but to learning as a whole. Indeed, I was most privileged to have…

  • Review of “Islam in the Modern National State” by Erwin I. J. Rosenthal

    The problem of the relationship of Islam to the national state and the confrontation of its Law with modernity have been the subject of much controversy. Many books have appeared which seek to define the problems and evaluate tha solutions possible or proposed. This work is perhaps one of the most comprehensive. It surveys classical…